This blog is dedicated to the healing and evolution of our consciousnesses for those of us sharing this planet, and I hope to offer helpful tips, insights, and wisdom to readers on topics such as relationships, sexuality and intimacy, men’s issues/concerns, self-actualization, spirituality, to name a few. The “grist” for my blog postings will come from my own experiences, both personally and professionally, and also from the teaching and wisdom of others whom I have studied, read, or worked with over the years. (For more about me and my background, see the “About” page on this website.) While I intend to give credit when it is due for ideas and concepts that are not mine, I do not want this blog to be dry, academic reading. I want it to be written so that it is accessible and understandable by the average person.

I do not profess to have solved all my own issues or be “enlightened,” but I can report that I have honestly wrestled with my personal issues for the better part of 18 years and that I continually strive for more awareness, integrity, and genuineness in my life. Beginning around age 40 I began my own internal journey to examine and heal the wounds that I carried from my childhood, a journey that while not fun resulted in tremendous growth, insight, and dare I say peace for me. Since I am now firmly established in my middle-age, I am also responding to the call to be of “service” with this blog. If what I have learned might be helpful to others, I am willing to pass it on should they also find it useful or provocative.

Perhaps it is just me in my maturing years, but I also have a sense that the very survival of our planet depends on us elevating our collective consciousnesses. I see evidence all around me that collectively we are experiencing ever increasing feelings of fear and insecurity, but I do not think that the extreme—and sometimes the almost nonsensical—efforts we make to try to protect ourselves from all possible threats is the solution. Approaching life from a stance of fear is life-constricting and a type of insanity, I believe. I also believe that the solution to this will require a fundamental shift in our consciousnesses, and even if it is in the slightest way, I wish to participate in helping that shift to occur. Therefore, I intend that the tenor of these postings be about peace, acceptance, hope, cooperation, and unity in the service of learning and growing. I will confess upfront that there likely will be times where I will fail to meet my own standards (we all have bad days at times!), but I hope to return to these qualities again and again.

Finally, a few words of explanation: In my attempt to promote inclusivity and gender-neutrality, word choice can sometimes be a challenge. While I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I take “marriage” to include any two people who have a primary emotional commitment to each other—legally married or not, opposite-sex or same-sex. Similarly, I believe  “family” can include many possible relationships and constellations and that blood alone does not determine “family.” Also with respect to pronouns, I dislike excessive use of the combinations “s/he,” “him/her,” and “his/hers” because I think it reduces readability, but there is currently no generally accepted gender-neutral, singular pronoun (or perhaps “omni-gender” pronoun is more correct) that can refer to either a male or a female. The choice of pronouns when writing about couples becomes more complicated in that the couple’s issues that I will write about are applicable to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples. Thus, I will do the best I can to maintain readability and promote inclusivity, while also trying to be grammatically correct.

I thank you for reading, and I hope that you find some useful “nuggets” here. I hope to post on a weekly basis.